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Compatible high-performance protection

08 March 2023

EVOGUARD MAXIMISES compatibility, offering seamless integration with safety headwear and ear defenders for combined protection. One-piece moulded visors are supplied with fittings for compatible helmets and browguards, reducing the number of parts and spares.

EVOGuard®C Industrial visors are made with clear optical class 1 materials, offering up to A-rated impact resistance, UV filtering, liquid splash protection, and anti-scratch / anti-mist properties. EVOGuard®M Forestry visors offer up to F-rated impact with high light transmission, and accessories including a chest cape for increased coverage and UPF50+ sun shade. 

The EVOGuard® browguard offers height and depth adjustment settings, with a Revolution® wheel ratchet harness for effortless one-handed tightening to a firm fit. 

Helmet fittings enable use with JSP EVO® safety helmets including EVO®VISTAlens® and EVO®VISTAlens®DualSwitch, which incorporate a clear retractable eyeshield, providing optical class 1 visual properties, F-rated impact resistance, and UV filtering. 

EVOGuard®M Forestry visors combine with VISTAlens® to provide a robust forestry unit with mesh facial coverage and clear polycarbonate eye protection. The EVOGuard®C5 MAX Industrial visor is compatible with EVO® helmets, offering an ideal solution for cutting and grinding applications, plus electric arc eye and face protection to GS-ET-29. 

The EVOGuard® browguard is designed to fit over the Hardcap Aerolite® full shell bump cap to offer lightweight protection from bumps and scrapes to the head with full facial coverage.

With a total of eight visor options offering compatibility with helmets, bump caps, and browguards, EVOGuard® visor systems provide versatile eye and face protection for limitless adaptability. Choose from EN 397, EN 12492, or EN 812 head protection to combine with EVOGuard®, Sonis® mounted ear defenders, and the Force®8 PressToCheck™ half mask for complete above-the-neck protection.

For more information, visit www.jspsafety.com