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Company collaboration aids business manoeuvre

11 September 2023

A NATIONAL logistics and warehousing firm is manoeuvring how they do business, thanks to a forklift attachment company.

After reevaluating their current processes, Lombard Shipping PLC embarked on the support of Contact Attachments to help them to become more resourceful when importing vehicles into their Ipswich-based warehouse. 

"Recently, one of our clients required our support with importing cars into the UK. Arriving in 40ft shipping containers means that specialist equipment is a must to safely, securely and swiftly unload the vehicles and place them into a suitable storage location," said Simon Gooch, compliance and transport manager at Lombard Shipping. 

"A few months ago, we came across the Forklift Car Mover from Contact Attachments, which is unlike anything we’ve possessed previously. Purchasing this item has saved us both time and money, as now just one person is able to appropriately unload and store the cars, without risk of damage to the vehicle all while upholding the highest health and safety standards. In turn it’s enhanced productivity, and allows us to continue delivering the very best service to our customers."

With the front wheel of the vehicle securely gripped, the Forklift Car Mover attachment uses two articulating arms to effortlessly and safely lift a car without causing any damage.

"It's always such a pleasure to work with new companies and to help them find solutions to enhance overall business efficiency and productivity," added Jason Cadman, marketing manager at Contact Attachment. 

"As a driver isn’t required to control the car, this attachment gifts businesses the ability to manoeuvre independently, allowing for greater use of time and resources. Plus, without needing space to open and close the doors, more cars can be stored or shipped together, which can aid profitability and reduce carbon footprint – both of which are hugely important and valuable to businesses, now more than ever."

Originally founded in Rochester in 1974, but now based in Newtown, Mid Wales, Contact Attachments was one of the first forklift truck attachment manufacturers in the UK. Since then, they’ve continued this innovation, offering standard and bespoke material handling solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes in the UK and overseas.