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Success for Stertil's adjustable-height dock bumpers

24 February 2021

THE LATEST adjustable-height PE dock bumpers from Stertil Dock Products are adaptable for all vehicles and trailer types and are especially suitable for cold stores and sea containers.

At the end of 2019, Stertil introduced an innovative version of its range of PE Dock Bumpers. Designed to provide a high degree of protection for vehicles, loading bays and buildings, the company’s PE Dock Bumpers had been a popular first choice for many customers. However, the arrival of the adjustable-height version immediately won plaudits for its performance in a wide range of demanding applications and environments.

Stertil PE dock bumpers are known for their innovative design which allows left and right bumpers to be simply interchanged and rotated to enable users to achieve four times the working life of traditional dock bumpers. Now, following the introduction of the latest generation of adjustable-height bumpers, the range offers a host of features and benefits. 

For example, the bumpers are self-releasing while a truck is docked and are of particular benefit when used in conjunction with ‘step frame levellers’ by allowing vehicle doors to be opened after docking, thereby maintaining the chill environment and reducing possible contamination.  

Suitable for simplifying all types of loading and unloading duties, the new adjustable-height bumpers provide a reach of 248mm above the mounting position and are suitable for use in low height docks. Offering excellent performance throughout a long working life, the bumpers are easy to install and maintain.

Stertil PE dock bumpers combine a robust construction and patented materials to provide superior performance and longevity. Each bumper is housed within a solid galvanised steel frame mounted directly to the dock face using concealed fixings. This ensures that fixing bolts are completely covered, yet easily accessible, to prevent them being damaged by or causing damage to reversing lorries.

Also contained within the galvanised steel frame is a pair of innovative rubber cushioning strips that spread the impact forces of reversing vehicles to help eliminate damage. Mounted in front of and positioned against the cushioning strips is the pad of the PE bumper which may be supplied in black or yellow colours. This ultra high molecular polyethylene pad offers a low coefficient of friction to reduce abrasive frictional forces created by the movement of a vehicle during loading and unloading operations. Crucially, the bumper pad may be quickly fitted or removed utilising the steel frame’s removable bottom plate.

This simple method of accessing the pad of the Stertil PE bumper lies at the heart of achieving more than four times the working life of a traditional dock bumper. During use, the greatest wear is caused by reversing lorries and most often occurs on the top corner of the inside of a bumper. It’s not unusual for traditional dock bumpers needing to be replaced because of excessive damage in just this one area. However, without the need to undo fixing bolts, left and right PE bumper pads may be rapidly swapped to present an undamaged face to reversing vehicles. 

These design features therefore double the life of the bumper. Furthermore, the PE bumper pads may also be simply rotated, top to bottom, to double their working lives once again. In this way, the effective working life of the bumper is quadrupled whilst even greater life expectancy can be achieved as a result of the polyethylene pad face being generally more resilient than conventional rubber.

“We always knew that our PE Dock Bumpers were hard-wearing, durable and tough enough to meet the most challenging applications,” says Andy Georgiou, general manager of Stertil Dock Products. “But, within the first 12 months, our latest height-adjustable version has taken the market by storm. Our sales of PE dock bumpers have risen to a higher level – literally!”

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