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Probiotic cleanser could reduce hospital acquired infections

10 May 2021

A STUDY into a major cause of hospital acquired infections (HAI) has begun. The work is exploring how contagion bacteria survive even deep cleans with chemical products and is evaluating a novel approach to reduce HAI through the use of probiotic hard surface cleaners.

The collaboration between Genesis Biosciences and the University of Huddersfield has received funding from the National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC) and will examine infection-causing dry biofilms and assess the efficacy of preventative probiotic cleansers. HAI have witnessed a significant increase over the past year due to COVID 19.

Researchers will then examine how effective probiotic cleaners, like those created by Genesis, prevent dry biofilms from forming onto a surface and whether the probiotic cleaners can decrease both biofilm coverage and pathogen surface loads. 

In recent hospital trials carried out using Bacillus based probiotics in Italy, a simple swap out of traditional chemical cleaners with probiotic variants reduced the numbers of organisms detected on surfaces, resulting in a 52% reduction in HAI and 75% reduction in costs associated with the prescribing of antibiotics.

For further information, visit www.evogenprofessional.com/probiotic-cleaning-products