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Gas inspector training

05 June 2018

ESAB, a leader in welding and cutting technologies, is partnering with Proactive Gas Safety(PGS) for the provision of Oxy-Fuel CP7 Inspector courses, with successful candidates being awarded a nationally accredited EAL (Excellence in Achievement LTD) Level 3 QCF Qualification (Qualifications and Credit Framework).

This is the highest level of achievement available for compressed gas safety training in the UK and qualifies individuals to undertake annual inspections of oxy-acetylene/propane equipment as required by BCGA CP7 (British Compressed Gases Association Code of Practice 7).

Under this scheme, successful completion of the two-day course and QCF Qualification provides a three-year Gas Safety Passport for inspecting gas equipment. The credit card-sized Gas Safety Passport shows the Accredited Inspector’s photograph, the date on which the course was taken and the date on which re-certification is required. This is particularly useful when registered inspectors are working on customers’ sites and need to present evidence of their qualification.

The two-day inspector course includes classroom training, practical demonstrations and hands-on sessions. Multiple-choice tests are conducted throughout the course and there is a formal exam at the end that candidates must pass to be awarded their certificate.

There will no longer be a requirement for annual refresher training as re-certification will take place on 3-yearly cycle. e.g. 2018 2 day training; 2021 -1 day refresher; 2024 -2 day refresher; 2027 - 1 day refresher.  

PGS Gas Safety Passport holders are given comprehensive technical support and unlimited access to downloadable documentation from PGS website.

The two-day inspector course costs £472.50 + VAT

Dates currently booked at PGS in Cheshire are: 18-19 July and 17-18 October.

Further venues and dates will be released shortly.