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Stress free vision

03 May 2018

uvex's latest innovation in its safety eyewear portfolio is the CBR65 lens tint, which protects eyes from harm while delivering relaxed, focused vision with sharp contrast and all-important blue light reduction, all in one lens.

This advanced polycarbonate lens offers a three-point armour against potential eye damage. So, what does ‘CBR’ mean? The ‘C’ denotes improved Contrast, giving clearer vision, reducing strain from harsh light or reflective surfaces and increasing comfort, making the lens ideal for all indoor and outdoor applications and enabling wearers to focus on the task in hand without distraction.

The ‘B’ in CBR indicates Blue light reduction of up to 50% up to 450nm, rendering the CBR65 lens perfect for screen work and for use in bright, harsh, unnatural light such as LED lights, as well as outdoors to protect against the natural blue light emitted by the sun’s rays. Blue light can be extremely harmful and may contribute to age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

The ‘R’ signifies a Relaxed field of vision, with 65% transmission of light, making the lens spot-on for tasks with high visual requirements such as close inspection, outdoor work, or jobs that require high levels of concentration, where the eye can easily and quickly tire. The CBR65 lens tint makes operating in workplaces with bright natural or artificial light much more comfortable, enabling the wearer to remain focused for longer without strain.

Both the popular uvex sportstyle and new uvex pheos cx2 safety spectacles incorporate the CBR65 lens tint. The uvex pheos cx2 lenses features uvex supravision excellence lens coating, making them permanently anti-fog on the inside, and extremely scratch and chemical resistant on the outside, while the uvex sportstyle features uvex supravision extreme lens coating, which also features permanent anti-fog and scratch resistant coating and has been specifically designed to withstand long-lasting exposure to condensation and a high degree of dirt.