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STOP safety training

01 September 2017

Electricity North West, the British electricity distribution network operator responsible for the North West of England, has commissioned DuPont Sustainable Solutions, the safety and sustainability consulting division of DuPont, to run STOP for Supervision workshops for its Executive and Senior Leadership (ELT & SLT) teams.

The two workshops, which took place between March and May 2017, involved both classroom learning and practical field-based activities. Now, the executive leadership and senior leadership team plans to cascade the STOP methodology to the wider organisation using the training approach and materials provided by DuPont.

“Electricity North West is committed to ensuring the safety of our employees. We are investing in this training as part of an ongoing plan for continuous improvement in our safety practices and behaviours,” Peter Emery, the CEO of Electricity North West, said. “Our ultimate aim is world class safety performance and to achieve this we need a leadership population that has safety at the heart of everything they do and is actively engaging with their teams on safety every day.”

STOP stands for Safety Training Observation Programme and is a behavioural safety training method developed by DuPont which targets the reduction of injuries and workplace illnesses.

In a highly practical approach, individuals are taught how to use observation and communication to reinforce safe behaviours and reduce at-risk activities within an organisation by building safety awareness among both supervisors and employees.