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Helps the fight against HAIs

11 July 2017

The new Scott Control Rolled Hand Towel solution from Kimberly-Clark Professional brings the latest in hygiene innovation to healthcare cleaning professionals, helping the fight against Hospital acquired infections (HAIs).

Continuing pressure on budgets in the healthcare sector means efficiency must be pursued – but not at the expense of good hand hygiene compliance which is critical to maintaining high standards of infection control and preventing HAIs. 

Scott Control Rolled Hand Towel is designed to offer the best of both worlds by delivering an uncompromised clean enabling healthcare teams to achieve elevated hygiene outcomes and efficiency at the same time. Designed to be kinder to hands, it is claimed to be the most efficient Rolled Hand Towel solution versus the equivalent competition making it a suitable hand drying solution for healthcare environments.

Made with patented Airflex Fabric Technology and eucalyptus fibre, Scott Control Rolled Hand Towel is softer and more absorbent, so fewer towels are needed for a hygienic hand dry delivering efficiency with quick and effective drying. Additionally, the unique stamp embossing of Scott Control Rolled Hand Towels increases user preference by more than 40%.

“About 20-30% of HAI’s are preventable, and research shows that the no.1 prevention method is good hand hygiene; however, staff compliance can be a challenge for healthcare facilities,” said Sophie Rice, EMEA healthcare segment marketing manager for Kimberly-Clark Professional. “Workers often have to wash and dry their hands up to 20 times every day which can cause sore skin and irritation. Scott Control Rolled Hand Towel is softer to use and therefore kinder to hands, which encourages hand hygiene compliance.”

The Scott Control Rolled Hand Towel System is teamed with a new hygienic compact dispenser. It has a smooth design with no dirt traps that might harbour bacteria which enables easy one-wipe cleaning, helping the fight against cross-contamination.

Towel dispensing is efficient and hygienic, with users only touching the sheet they use. The never-run-out feature ensures a continuous rolled towel supply. The stub roll is used to the full with normal single sheet dispensing until the roll is finished. It does not feed twice, and the transition to the new roll is seamless, with no overlap, which maximises efficiency and control budgets. This means less time is required for refilling dispensers and the single-sheet dispensing system helps keep washrooms more tidy making less work for domestic managers and busy cleaning teams.

Scott Control Rolled Hand Towel Solution provides 40% more dries, meaning fewer refills. Compression technology also gives a more compact roll providing over 1000 sheets per roll.