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Lift-truck manufacturer marks 30 years

09 December 2016

Crown, one of the world’s largest material handling companies, is celebrating a European anniversary. For 30 years, the lift-truck manufacturer has been producing highly successful products in the Bavarian town of Roding, Germany.

Back in 1986, Crown started producing components, and the PTH 20 Series pallet trucks, in Roding, which is among the most important production sites in the company’s worldwide network. 

Today, the factory manufactures a comprehensive range of lift trucks – from hand-pallet trucks to low-level order pickers through to reach trucks with lift heights of up to 13 metres.

Milestones in the 30-year evolution of production operations in Roding include, for example, the start of electric lift truck production in 1993, followed by the introduction of WE Series stackers a year later – the first Crown product to be completely developed and manufactured in Germany. This trend is now a well-established norm, and one of the key contributors to Crown’s success in Europe.

Interdisciplinary development and design teams based in Germany work closely with Crown customers to develop European products for European markets that are also successfully used in many other parts of the world. The facility is also closely involved in integrating cutting-edge technologies into logistics and warehouse processes, such as Crown’s QuickPick Remote order-picking system. The system combines a lift truck with intuitive remote control via a smart glove. This solution streamlines work processes and results in significantly higher productivity in low-level order picking and improved operator safety. 

A vertical manufacturing depth of up to 85 per cent is the basis for optimal control of product quality, cost and service delivery.

2014 saw another historic milestone, with the opening of a second production plant in Roding. Lift-truck components are manufactured in the old plant, while final truck assembly takes place in the 11,800-square-metre expanse of the new production shop.