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An alternative to ride on vehicles

06 December 2016

When choosing an electric vehicle, it is important to consider whether you need a ride on or pedestrian controlled unit. Many people are more familiar with Bradshaw Electric Vehicles' ride on electric vehicles, but it could be that a pedestrian controlled walk along vehicle may be a better solution.

Looking at all aspects of the site where the vehicle will be used is important. There may be steep inclines, rough terrain, tight corners, reduced width access or a busy environment for instance, all of which could affect the vehicle type best suited for the job.

Considering the weight of the load you need to carry or tow will help to determine which vehicle is needed. There are many options available. Bradshaw says that its vehicles are very versatile, making your budget go further. As well as its standard product range, the company can provide custom built vehicles to suit individual requirements.

Bradshaw's electric pedestrian controlled vehicles have proven to be very popular in applications where space is restricted or foot traffic is high. They are designed with the operator in mind, for ease of use with full control via a single tiller head, and for safety with a number of features including emergency stop button and safety cut out, only allowing the vehicle to be operated with the tiller in vertical position and a body protection switch. Its standard range of pedestrian controlled vehicles can tow up to 15,000kg and carry up to 1,500kg.