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Don’t die from carbon dioxide poisoning – free whitepaper

23 May 2016

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a constantly present hazard in the drinks industry, but many don’t fully understand the danger.

It can be encountered all along the production and packaging process as well as the logistics chain. This gas is toxic, but the true nature of the threat it poses is not always fully understood. Despite what many think, monitoring oxygen levels is no protection. People die needlessly every year in tragic and completely avoidable accidents. Use of personal gas detection devices designed to monitor CO2 levels is required to protect workers in the industry.

Only 2% CO2 in the atmosphere can cause headaches and laboured breathing. At 5% CO2, you can begin to feel dizzy and confused with respiratory distress. Studies have shown that 7% CO2 can kill in as little as 5 minutes, even in the presence of normal levels of oxygen.

Crowcon are offering this free whitepaper which explains the ways in which CO2 poses a hazard: low-level toxicity, with harmful effects building up over time; high-level toxicity, which immediately threatens life; and asphyxiation due to displacement of oxygen. The whitepaper then goes on to consider what makes a good gas detector for this challenging industrial environment. To learn more about this dangerous gas, and how to select the best gas detector to keep you and your team from harm, download our whitepaper, now.