Portable multigas detector

24 February 2016

Crowcon’s T4 protects against the 4 most prevalent gas hazards: carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), flammable gases and oxygen depletion/enrichment.

T4 integrates innovative safety features to provide advanced protection for working in industrial environments, while minimising the cost of ownership through very easy maintenance.

Among the key features of T4, TWA (time-weighted average) Resume is an innovative new function that ensures TWA logged doses of toxic gases are not automatically reset when your unit is turned off, reducing your risk of overexposure to toxic gases.

Positive Safety is a simple ‘traffic light’ status indicator which allows your units’ compliance status to be instantly confirmed. A typical battery life of 24 hours protects worker for extended periods before recharging.

For dirty environments, the clip-on filter plate makes it faster and easier to replace the gas filter and prevent your detector’s sensors from being compromised. The highly robust T4 is certified for use in ATEX zone 0 and UL Class1 Div.1 areas.

Compatibility with Crowcon’s I-Test bump-test and calibration station offers advanced control features plus data-logging, providing an audit of the time and result of each safety check.

The one-button operation of T4 reduces the training required and is very easy to operate while wearing gloves. These and many other intelligently designed features mean Crowcon’s T4 give you confidence however you look at it.