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Portable Detector Locates Methane Leaks from a Safe Distance

27 February 2017

Crowcon Laser Methane mini (LMm) portable methane detector detects gas at distances of up to 30m, offering improved operator safety.

It remotely monitors methane gas leaks in closed premises or confined spaces. It allows the operator to remain at a safe distance from potentially dangerous situations, and makes the detection process faster and easier. It also eliminates the risk of false positive readings as it’s unaffected by the presence of other gases.
LMm can check above-ground riser pipes from the ground, eliminating the need for ladders or access to the building.  It can be used to check valves, fittings and pipes inside a pressure regulating station.

LMm can detect methane through a window. This means you don’t have to worry about finding the key keeper, or entering a potentially hazardous environment in order to survey for leaks.  Even in difficult urban situations, you can monitor leaks from a remote location.

The LMm uses laser absorption spectroscopy to measure methane density and shows readings on a backlit display. It has a separate LED alarm indicator and louder audible notification. On start-up, it performs a self check to maintain accuracy reading accuracy and eliminates the need for external calibration.

The LMm is ATEX-approved for use in explosive environments and can detect methane at a distance of up to 30m in standard mode, or 100m with a reflector. It weighs just 600 grammes, features automatic ranging, five hour battery life, and a green laser guide light as standard.

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