Understanding confined spaces

16 March 2016

Look at the picture and ask yourself, is this an enclosed space, confined space or neither?

Answer: it is a confined space and unfortunately three people died in it. This again, unfortunately, is a typical confined space incident. 

"The first fatality slipped on top of the slurry tank while cleaning it," MRS Training and Rescue says. "He fell in and was immediately overcome by an atmosphere that was high in carbon dioxide and low on oxygen. He fell into sludge at the bottom of the slurry tank and disturbed more noxious gases. The next two fatalities were attempting a rescue of their colleague.

"Environmental conditions had deteriorated considerably due to the sludge at the bottom of the tank being disturbed. Without gas monitors they would have had no idea of the hazards in the tank or of the risks they were taking. In fact once they committed to enter the tank to attempt the rescue their fate was sealed. They had no chance of surviving in that environment."

The company concludes: "Remember it is your confined space, your problem, you have to provide the solution. "

MRS Training & Rescue are able to offer first class practical training and competence assessment, in state-of-the-art confined space facilities, to prepare and train anyone who works in confined spaces.

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