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Gloves protects Dubai workforce

13 November 2015

Torishima Pumps, of Osaka, Japan, manufactures centrifugal pumps for a range of applications and is the parent company for Dubai based Torishima Service Solutions.

The Dubai company provides a pump overhaul, maintenance and emergency breakdown service for the parent company across the Middle East region.


Its 30 glove-wearing staff wore general standard issue gloves which were often discarded at lunchtime, sometimes simply because they were dirty. The company decided to find an alternative solution to improve hand protection and reduce hand injuries.


Globus EMEA was brought in to assess the company’s glove requirements. Assembly staff work with 8 to 10 metre long pumps which have to be dismantled, overhauled, cleaned with solvents and put back into operation as quickly as possible. Machinery is sometimes rusty and may have traces of contaminants. In the machine shop, gloves are worn to protect hands while setting up machinery, operating cranes and handling sharp components which may be oily.


To source the most appropriate solution for the company, a Globus hand protection expert worked with the employees who tested potential gloves and gave feedback.
Following the trials and hand protection survey, two durable gloves were specified from the Showa portfolio. The gloves which were chosen provide optimum protection without loss of dexterity, matched with an appropriate level of cut resistance. Comfort and dexterity were vital to enable Torishima workers to handle small components efficiently.


Robert Walker, the workshop manager, at Torishima Service Solutions, said: "The hand protection solution we have chosen is designed to protect our workers’ hands from cuts and from contaminants on the machinery. After all, we should all feel safe in the jobs that we do. It’s also very useful to have Globus on hand in Dubai."


Globus has also provided the employees with advice on how to look after their gloves. Gloves are no longer disposed of unnecessarily or carelessly cast aside. Fewer glove changes has resulted in cost savings, while less waste is also helping to protect the planet.