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Good for the sole

31 July 2015

Walking on hard surfaces takes its toll on the body because hard flooring doesn’t absorb the impact created as we walk, instead our body has to, causing pain, discomfort and fatigue that affects our ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

Our shoes often have no arch support and over time the development of serious disorders such as Plantar Fasciitis, arthritis and hard calloused skin can lead to people being forced to take weeks off work.

An in-expensive solution to these problems could be Sole Mates’ liquid orthotic insoles. Unlike gel or foam, fluid won’t compress, flatten or wear out providing longer-term increased support. When stood on, the fluid is forced into the arch area, lifting and supporting it and helping to spread the weight more evenly across the whole of the foot reducing pressure on the ball and the heel.

Because fluid moves when pressure is exerted, the insoles act as a simple but efficient shock absorber inside the shoe or boot, relieving pressure on the joints and reducing the pounding to the lower back. This movement in turn creates a gentle massaging action which increases the circulation to the feet and lower leg reducing tiredness caused by standing or walking.