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Reach trucks with super-elastic tyres

29 June 2015

Global industrial truck manufacturer Linde Material Handling has launched new reach truck models for both safe indoor and outdoor use in the 1.4 to 2 tonne capacity category.

Designed for builders’ merchants, the new reach truck model is equipped with large super-elastic tyres with increased ground clearance compared to standard versions, meaning they can cope well with uneven or wet surfaces and increases safely on site. The trucks are designed for indoor and outdoor use, for example, loading and unloading road vehicles as well as for use on ramps, or servicing racking in outdoor areas.

Where products are stored both indoors and outdoors, operators can avoid the need to switch trucks to provide the interface between the warehouse, goods receiving and loading areas, meaning increased safety, productivity and efficiency.

To meet these application requirements, the new Linde R14G-R20G reach trucks feature load wheels with a diameter up to 458mm, super-elastic tyres and a ground clearance of 168mm.

In addition, they have a wider chassis, a larger wheelbase and wider reach legs than conventional ‘indoor only’ reach trucks.

The elevated seating position can be easily accessed by the operator via an additional step on the chassis. On uneven surfaces the special drive unit suspension system and the air suspension seat deliver benefits to the operator. The seat automatically adjusts its suspension travel depending on the operator’s weight ensuring the optimum level of comfort and support.

Moreover, the upper chassis and operator’s workstation is isolated from the lower chassis providing additional protection to the operator against shocks and vibrations from rough driving surfaces. Equipped with a 6.5 kW AC drive motor, these reach trucks are capable of a maximum speed of 14 km/h to deliver exceptional productivity.

Available in three different performance modes, the trucks offer a choice between maximum handling capacity and minimum power consumption.

They come with numerous options including torsion-resistant tilting masts which are available in either standard or triplex format. Both versions offer the operator excellent visibility of the working environment and lift heights are available up to 7,700 mm for maximum flexibility.

The trucks can be equipped with a range of modular weather protection options. The simplest version has a safety glass screen on the mast side. A further option equips the truck with additional glass windows at the sides and the full weather protection version comes with a glazed door, cab lights, heated front and rear screens as well as a bumper to protect the door.

All versions of the weather protection cab feature a 28mm reinforced glass roof as standard and, depending on the model, wipers and washers for all screens. The windshield door is another optional feature. Even without glass windows, it enhances comfort, as it protects the operator’s legs from cold drafts enhancing his motivation and comfort.