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HSE carrying out unannounced inspections

13 November 2014

HSE inspectors are carrying out unannounced visits to sites where refurbishment projects or repair works are taking place.

The HSE has already started its targeted inspections of construction sites under the month-long initiative this autumn.
HSE inspectors are visiting sites to check that high-risk activities, particularly those affecting the health of workers, are being properly managed.
In the event that they find something wrong, inspectors will take immediate enforcement action. Such action may also involve a Fee For Intervention (FFI), which will lead to a charge of £124 for every hour of the inspector’s time spent dealing with the issue.
The areas that the HSE inspectors will be checking on will include:
  • Ensuring that risks to health from exposure to dust, such as silica, are being controlled
  • Raising workers’ awareness of where they may find asbestos, and what to do if they find it
  • Making certain that other health risks, such as exposure to noise and vibration, manual handling, and hazardous substances are being properly managed
  • Confirming that jobs involving working at height have been identified and properly planned
  • Establishing that equipment is correctly installed, assembled, inspected, maintained and used properly
  • Checking that sites are well organised.