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Customised fire points

16 December 2014

Bull Products has introduced a customising service for fire points, enabling companies to select what they require on a compact stand or mobile trolley.

Customers can choose the size of stand or trolley then decide on which fire equipment and alarms are required, before then adding the requisite safety signage and company names and logos.

As well as a range of fire extinguisher types, there are alarms, fire buckets, fire blankets and first aid kits that can all be incorporated for specific applications. A range of alarm types is available - from Cygnus wireless alarms to Bull stand-alone alarms. Smoke and heat detectors can also be specified. If the fire point is likely to be situated externally, the extinguishers can be protected with either single or double extinguisher cabinets or extinguisher covers. Cabinets can be wired into Cygnus alarms to alert fire marshals when a cabinet has been opened.
By linking the modules together in an array of three or four, companies can create triangular or cubed information points, for instance for first aid information. Poster and information display snap frames can be specified, dry wipe boards, and suggestion boxes can be incorporated.