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Sample Bags from SKC – a byword for quality

21 October 2014

We produced our first sample bags in the 1970’s, and ever since SKC has been leading the way in new and innovative sampling bag technologies.

Our original sample bags were made from Tedlar film which soon became the industry standard for Volatile Organic Compounds.

Over the last four decades SKC sample bags have been the number one choice of occupational hygiene and environmental professionals and have been used for a huge variety of occupational and environmental sampling applications, including industrial VOCs, stack and vent gases, bio- and landfill gas, waste leaching using the TCLP method, soil gas sampling, and fenceline monitoring.

To meet the demands of our ever changing industry new materials have been developed and SKC now have available a wide range of ultra-clean, high performance materials. 

All our sample bags provide superior sample storage stability and durability with seams that are evenly sealed and leak-tested, to ensure total sample integrity.

SKC sample bags come in a wide range of standard sizes, from 0.5 to 100 litres, with a choice of quality single combined hose/valve fittings in stainless steel, polypropylene or PTFE, and a dual stainless steel fitting for certain bag materials. For specialist applications, we can supply custom-made bags in your preferred size, material and fitting – simply contact our Technical Sales team to discuss your requirements.

For further information call 01258 480188 or email enquiries@skcltd.com