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Protection is the name of the game

20 May 2014

In the enclosed environment of many workplaces there is a danger of exposure to high levels of airborne particulates which can cause a variety of respiratory diseases.

Monitoring for such occurrences involves taking air samples to measure the substances in the air that the worker breathes while the task is underway. The processes used, and chemicals, dusts and fumes that are present in your workplace, will guide you in determining what substances you should monitor for, as well as consulting with the Workplace Exposure Levels (WEL) listed in the EH40 Workplace Exposure Limits publication, issued by the HSE. In fact, there are many thousands of substances that are used at work but only about 500 substances have a WEL listed. Abiding by the regulations that apply to monitoring in the workplace will help to ensure your employees are not exposed to levels that exceed the WEL, which may have a harmful effect on their health. 
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