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Legislation update: BSIF members liaise with UK Government on proposed PPE Regulation

26 August 2014

In July the BSIF held two regional meetings, one in the north and one in the south of the UK, to allow all members the opportunity to meet with representatives from The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and discuss any concerns or issues they may have with the proposed text of the PPE Regulation.

The BIS delegates who attended both meetings will represent UK interests and put our national opinions and proposals to the Commission working groups. 

Some of the key points raised within the meetings included; the need for wording in certain sections of the PPE Regulation to be clarified and additional detail where it is seen as insufficient. BSIF members also added proposals of their own; to add a risk definition that will bring safety helmets into Category III, to include additional obligations for manufacturers who claim compatibility for their products with other manufacturers products and to change the definition of PPE to include products that are not worn or held, but are essential for the PPE to operate. All these points will be taken with the BIS delegates to Brussels.

BIS has acknowledged the work done by the BSIF to facilitate these meetings and has expressed gratitude for the input from BSIF members. A BIS official highlighted that the input has proven to be extremely valuable in providing opinions from the safety industry, which will aid in formulating their approach to the European Commission working group meetings.