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Skeleton gloves

04 September 2014

New from Honeywell is the Skeleton line of protective gloves that combines high levels of shock absorption with cut-resistance.

Offering a range of cut resistance up to EN388 level 5 along with excellent comfort and grip, Skeleton gloves are said to provide superior protection for those who handle sharp objects, often in wet or greasy environments, and who are at risk of impact injuries to their fingers and the backs of their hands.  

"Safety managers tell us they struggle to find gloves for workers who not only require protection from cuts, but are also at risk of impact injury and need protection for their fingers and backs of their hands.” said Oliver Touchais, regional product general manager of gloves and clothing for Honeywell Safety Products EMEAI. "We developed Skeleton gloves to meet these workers’ needs. Skeleton incorporates a reinforced rubber exterior that protects the bones in the back of the hand, the fingers and the fingernails.”

Skeleton gloves are available in a range of cut-resistance levels meeting the EN388 standard for gloves providing protection from mechanical risks. Skeleton with level 1 protection is made from fibre polyester for use in general purpose dry environments. Skeleton with level 3 protection is made with high-performance polyethylene (HPPE) for the handling of sharp objects in a dry environment. The highest form of protection, found in the level 5 gloves, uses composite and Kevlar materials to provide cut resistance in wet or greasy environments. 

In addition to cut resistance, Skeleton gloves uses fully knitted, dipped technology, which reduces the risk of tearing at the seams, a common problem with cut-and -sewn gloves. It also ensures the gloves are lightweight and comfortable to wear and that users’ dexterity is not compromised. The nitrile coating on the gloves offers outstanding grip in wet and oily environments as well as excellent abrasion resistance.

Available in sizes eight to 10 across EMEAI, Skeleton gloves are certified to the requirements of the EN388 - 4542 standard.