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Sporty safety shoe

07 April 2014

According to recent online community surveys in Germany, France and the UK, workers in the logistics and construction sectors are looking for lighter, more flexible and significantly more breathable safety shoes that have the comfort and look of a sports shoe.

Working in close collaboration with its partners in the footwear industry, membrane specialist Gore has developed a new generation of safety shoes: its Athletic GORE-TEX Footwear which fulfils these requirements while providing effective protection against water and commonly occurring chemicals.

At the core of this new line of safety footwear is the GORE-TEX Extended Comfort Laminate: a thin 3-layer laminate that comes without insulation. The construction consists of a highly abrasion resistant textile lining material, the microporous GORE-TEX membrane made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene and a protective knit. 

For the design and construction of their new Athletic GORE-TEX safety shoes Gore and its shoe manufacturing partners took their inspiration from the sports and multifunctional footwear sector including the development of a waterproof, stretchable tongue made with a GORE-TEX stretch laminate – said to be the first of its kind in the safety footwear sector.