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Overtrousers for electrical workers

30 March 2022

ARC RATED Gore-Tex Pyrad fabric is a multi-functional and multi-norm solution for electrical workers exposed to the risks of an electric arc, electrostatic discharge and who often operate in foul weather conditions.

Gore-Tex Professional recently introduced a concept for arc-rated 1-ply, 3-layer overtrousers for its Pyrad portfolio of products. Trousers utilising arc rated Gore-Tex Pyrad fabric technology allow end users to stay Class 2 arc protected, dry, comfortable and focused on their work not their PPE. 

The concept of arc-rated overtrousers is constructed from Gore-Tex Pyrad which is a 1-ply fabric with 3 layers: a face fabric, Gore-Tex membrane plus PYRAD fabric technology and a flame-retardant backer. When compared to other Class 2 arc protection rainwear trousers currently available they are easy to put on and take off, significantly lighter and less bulky and, are exceptionally comfortable to wear, remain dry on the inside and provide quick re-drying properties.

To support the introduction of this new technology to its partners, the Gore-Tex Professional design team developed a new concept for overtrousers that is durable to stand up to tough working environments and designed so that they are easy to put on over existing non-weather protective clothing. 

The beneficial and functional design elements include: pre-shaped legs, safety zips which run from the hem to the knee so there is no need to remove safety boots to get them on or off and the back is shaped higher than the front to ensure all day wearer comfort in all working positions. As part of their concept design program, Gore-Tex Professional provides this overtrouser design as a service to its manufacturing customers.

Importance of protecting workers legs: Legs account for approximately 36% of the body’s total surface area, once they become wet or cold this can impact on the overall warmth and well-being of the rest of the body. It is well documented and scientifically proven that chilled legs put a strain of the immune system. In addition, cold leg muscles have a higher risk of sustaining injury because muscle strength decreases as temperatures fall. Gore-Tex Pyrad 3-layer overtrousers tackle such issues head on because they provide durable waterproof and windproof protection against rain and wind, which is key to preventing the wearer from getting wet and cold.

Arc rated Gore-Tex Pyrad 3-Layer overtrousers are a protective and intelligent choice for all electrical workers who demand and deserve the following wide range of protective features: Class 2 arc rated protection, weather protection, flame protection, protection against the hazards of an electric arc, protection against electrostatic discharges and highly visible functionality.

EN Norms and Standards of Arc rated Gore-Tex Pyrad trousers

  • Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc, IEC 61482-1-2:2014 class 2 (7 kA), IEC 61482-1-1:2019 arc rating ELIM 42 cal/cm2 

  • Clothing to protect against heat and flame, EN ISO 11612 A1, A2, B2, C1, D2, E1, F1

  • Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes, EN ISO 11611 class 2 A1+A2

  • High Visibility Clothing, EN ISO 20471 HI-VIS yellow, HI-VIS orange

  • Protection against rain, EN 343 class 4/3

  • Electrostatic properties, EN 1149-3/-5

  • Protective clothing against liquid chemicals, EN 13034 Type 6

  • Rain Tower Test, EN 14360

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