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New! A Guide to Occupational Skin Management

30 January 2014

This interactive computer based guide provides the tools to be more effective in preventing damage to health from skin exposure.

Increase your knowledge about the skin, how it interacts with the workplace, legal aspects of skin in the workplace, risk assessment for skin exposure, skin exposure management including understanding and implementing effective use of PPE, skin health surveillance, and how to set up an effective skin management system.

Comprehensive resource

CD package with nearly 400 pages

Extend and improve your knowledge

Full of practical information

Be proactive

Develop an effective system to reduce ill health effects from skin exposure

Dip in and out

Contains a wealth of diagrams, flow charts and illustrations to support the examples and case studies

This guide has been written by two internationally recognised specialists with between them over 50 years of experience and will take you through a carefully structured, comprehensive explanation of what is required for an effective skin management sstem that will minimize the probablility that your workplace could be the cause of damage to health due to skin exposure.

Topics covered

The need for better occupational skin management

Why we need a more effective skin management system with statistics of incidence and prevalence

What is occupational skin management?

The concept of skin managmement as opposed to skin care and an overview of the elements that constitute an effective system

About our skin

What is our skin? How does it work? What can go wrong and why? What are the consequences?

Elements of a skin management system

Risk assessment - The unique aspects of risk assessment for skin exposure and why a different approach to other risk assessment tasks is necessary.

Exposure management - The basic principles of effective skin exposure management. Includes the real facts concerning the selection and use of personal protective equipment for chemical exposure.

Skin health surveillance - The importance legally, financially and morally. The main techniques and how to implement their use.

Skin care - The basic rules and importance of the different aspects of skin care.

Developing and introducing a system

Factors for consideration when developing a system; an outline for a structured approach to developing and implementing a system

Investigating a suspected occupational skin problem

How we establish the true cause of the problem and how to manage it.