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From the CEO’s desk

30 April 2013

The start of the New Year gives us all a chance to review our actions and activities and this is particularly relevant in the safety world.

When was the last time you reviewed your overall health and safety policy? New processes, technologies and different working practices may mean your safety regime is not as effective now as it could be or perhaps operational changes mean you are over protecting the workforce, which is a costly waste.
 In addition safety equipment manufacturers are regularly innovating their products to offer better protection, improved comfort and usability or more cost effective solutions. With the growth in fake safety equipment, are you sure the products you rely upon are safe? Have you reviewed the products you are using?

A strong element of any safety programme must be to ensure the staff are appropriately trained, understand how and when safety products should be maintained or replaced and have adequate storage and cleaning arrangements to ensure the safety equipment continues to perform at its optimum level through its life. Just supplying equipment and hoping staff wear it does not cut the mustard.

If your company is creating a hazard you expect staff to work in, you must ensure they are protected and the equipment you supply is used correctly. Staff members have responsibilities as well. They must wear or use the equipment responsibly and ensure it is used correctly, but you must enforce this.

There is possibly a lot to think about and review. We can help! BSIF represents the supply side of the safety industry and through our Registered Safety Supplier scheme we can direct you to quality suppliers who have been audited to ensure they will only supply conforming products that really will offer you optimum performance. There are new tools to help you select the correct safety equipment and we will be happy to assist in ensuring you are getting the best performance and value from your safety equipment.

The New Year is an opportunity to be sure you are optimising your spend on safety and gaining best value. We would like to help. Just contact us.

David Lummis
The BSIF Chief Executive Officer