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23 January 2013

Noise monitoring expert, Cirrus Research, launches new support services

Noise monitoring expert, Cirrus Research, launches new support services

Cirrus Research is continuing to expand the level of service and support that it offers its customers with a range of online tools and information resources. The recently launched cirrusresearch.tv site and Cirrus Knowledgebase and Wiki provide customers with easily accessible tools to learn more about the Cirrus products, how they work and how to use them.

Cirrusresearch.tv offers a wealth of tutorials on how to use different noise measurement equipment such as the Optimus range of sound level meters, the Trojan noise nuisance recorder and the doseBadge. The tutorials take the viewer through step-by-step instructions on preparing and setting up the different equipment to take accurate noise measurements for noise at work, noise nuisance and environmental noise. There is also a range of tutorials on how to use the NoiseTools software to analyse the data collected from noise measurements and to create reports using this data. Viewers can also learn how to select the correct PPE using the NoiseTools software.

The Cirrus Knowledgebase and Wiki provides a library of free-to-download datasheets, technical notes, applications notes and user manuals for the full range of Cirrus products. There are also 'how to' guides that have been created following questions asked by existing Cirrus customers. Customers are encouraged to call or email Cirrus with any queries relating to their products. Cirrus will answer the questions directly and post an answer on the Knowledgebase and Wiki for future queries.

If you have a question or would like to learn more about using your Cirrus Research product please visit www.cirrusresearch.tv and wiki.cirrusresearch.co.uk