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Denios flags its presence

23 January 2013

The vital place to visit at the Safety & Health Expo at the NEC in May will be the Denios Theatre – located at U84 in Hall 2 – for free hazardous storage education...

The vital place to visit at the Safety & Health Expo at the NEC in May will be the Denios Theatre - located at U84 in Hall 2 - for free hazardous storage education.

The famous Denios concept consists of ongoing presentations guiding attendees through the virtual minefield of laws and regulations embracing the HSE, plus the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR) and the requirements of the Environment Agency. And all of this is done in a very practical and tangible manner including demonstrations of what happens when non-compatible chemicals and substances meet!

The lectures are themed not to be too long or dull and will be in the style of informative and lively experiments and observations with graphic demonstrations of the dangerous consequences of both lack of knowledge and a duty of care. As Roy Smith, Managing Director of Denios observes “ our aim is to raise the participants' awareness and perception of hazardous materials, so as to detect dangers and avoid accidents which would threaten both human life and impact on the company in terms of the newly increased punishments including fines or even imprisonment.

By way of a guide to the presentation structure, it embraces legal foundations; how sources of danger arise - what exactly is a flashpoint?; the fundamentals of the origins of explosions, deflagrations and fires; risks resulting from improper handling and/or storage of dangerous substances; and the meaning of the danger triangle. The actual nature of the demonstrations ranges from surprising - did you know for example that a can of aerosol lubricant can make a fearsome flamethrower - to the mainstream, such as the lethal percentage rating for oxygen and ensuring you have absolutely the correct fire extinguishing system for the substances involved. And all backed up by the new free Denios catalogue which runs to 355 pages of total support.

In tangible terms, the Denios Stand will also feature one of their high grade solid steel temperature controlled cabinets which offers the advantages of equal, quick and efficient heat managment for specific products with options of varied liquids and featuring an integrated sump and exhaust ventilation. Plus examples of the popular and practical Group 1 product range which embraces items such as sump pallets, trolleys, spillage control, dispensing platforms, shelving, lifting units and gas cylinder movement. Having virtually invented the concept of international dedicated hazardous storage some 20 years ago, the multi-national Denios is the noted expert name in its field and visiting their Stand will be an investment in peace of mind.