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Dupont 2010 Safety Awards

23 January 2013

DuPont Sustainable Solutions has announced a call for applications for the 2010 DuPont Safety Awards...

Accidents and injuries in the workplace have remained startlingly common in countries experiencing rapid industrialization, or those without effective regulatory frameworks for occupational safety and health. In light of this, the International Labour Organization has urged increased vigilance in workplace safety.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions marked the World Day for Safety and Health at Work by announcing a call for applications for the 2010 DuPont Safety Awards, an annual competition recognizing companies that have taken extraordinary steps to enhance workplace safety throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. The awards are designed to motivate companies to reassess the role of safety within their operations, using it as a catalyst to achieve sustainability and improve their bottom line. 
Awards will be given in five categories: Sustainable Business Impact, Cultural Evolution, Visible Management Commitment, Innovative Approach and Performance Improvement. Application details can be found under www.leadersforum.dupont.com/awards

Previous winners of the DuPont Safety Awards, established in 2002, include British Sugar, the leading supplier of sugars in the UK. British Sugar was the 2009 winner in the Innovative Approach category, having created an online platform - the Safety Performance Discussions (SPD) programme - which facilitates confidential, two-way conversations about safety between line managers and their employees. This initiative led to a marked reduction in injuries and incidents - a 40% drop in the lost time injury rate since the initiative was introduced.

Indeed, safety in the workplace has been a long-standing hallmark of DuPont. According to Christopher Rowbotham, DuPont Sustainable Solutions UK, “DuPont has focused on safety for more than 208 years, and we are proud to bring that knowledge to our clients every day across a broad range of global markets and industries. Our range of solutions helps companies and organizations to develop a safe workplace and workforce, and thereby reap the benefits of increased worker morale and an improved bottom line.”

Companies throughout the UK, such as Nissan Motors, have worked with DuPont Sustainable Solutions to create a truly sustainable safety management system. By implementing a behaviour-based safety management system with the help of DuPont consultants, the company was able to reduce the lost time injury rate by 70 percent over four years.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions is a partner of choice for key industries throughout the United Kingdom. Using its own experience in implementing effective safety programmes as an owner/operator, DuPont Sustainable Solutions is in a unique position to help others in their journey to safety excellence. Among the companies that have partnered with DuPont to improve their safety performance are ScottishPower, BHP Billiton International and Anglo-American UK.