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Keep winter working hands warm

21 February 2023

UNIGLOVES IS providing enhanced protection for workers operating in cold environments with a range of specialist thermal gloves from its Nitrex range.

The Unigloves Nitrex Thermal Industrial Gloves range – able to be seen at https://unigloves.co.uk/reusable-gloves/nitrex/thermal - not only delivers cold protection but offers wider user benefits including superior wet and dry grip, liquid resistance and abrasion and cut protection, making them suitable for a range of applications including cold storage, outdoor construction, general maintenance, warehousing, engineering, utilities and food sectors.

Specific features for the three thermal gloves from the Nitrex range include:

Nitrex 299T – is constructed with a seamless knitted fleece liner to keep workers' hands warm in the cold weather, whilst offering maximum comfort and dexterity. These coated work gloves also boast a crinkle latex finish for superior dry and wet grip, as well as tear and abrasion protection for a variety of cold-weather tasks. They also feature Sanitized Hygiene and Odour Control Function to protect against microbial growth

Nitrex 360FCT – delivers thermal protective properties thanks to its double-lined, brushed acrylic liner, abrasion and cut resistance. Hi Viz yellow for enhanced visibility, the 360FCT also offers superior dry, wet and oily grip, thanks to Unigloves NitreGrip Technology. The flexible dual nitrile coating consists of a fully coated, flat nitrile base layer that provides liquid resistance to the wearer and full 360° hand protection allowing for precise handling of parts and materials; whilst the sandy nitrile palm coating is resistant to oils and grease acting as a physical barrier against these potential hazards.

Nitrex 370W – provides ideal thermal protection for both hot and cold conditions, whilst offering the highest level of abrasion protection (tested to EN388 standard), as well as heat resistance up to 100°C. Extremely flexible, allowing for freedom of movement even in challenging conditions, it is able to withstand a minimum of 5 Newtons force from a cutting blade. This means a higher level of cut resistance than most general handling gloves making them suitable for a wider range of tasks. The Sanitized Hygiene and Odour Control Function is also impregnated within Nitrex 370W, neutralising odours and reducing microbial formation.

“Clearly in winter the issue of keeping working hands warm to help prevent the risk of injury becomes more prevalent. Our Nitrex Thermal industrial gloves have been designed to meet those thermal risks combined with wider mechanical and chemical performance features,” said Donald Gillespie, marketing director of Unigloves.

With its global manufacturing base in Malaysia consisting of four production facilities, Unigloves produces in excess of 4.6 billion gloves annually and has grown since its arrival in the UK in 2002 to become one of Europe’s most trusted providers of protective products and services.

To find out more about Unigloves Nitrex Thermal Industrial Gloves range, visit: https://info.unigloves.co.uk/blog