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Disposable gloves brochure

09 May 2019

Single use glove specialist Unigloves has launched a new brochure featuring its latest high performance hand hygiene and hand protection solutions.

Featuring what is described as the UK’s widest range of disposable gloves – including nitrile gloves, latex gloves and vinyl gloves – the new 64-page brochure can be downloaded at http://bit.ly/2uMwjs7

It provides detailed information on the latest glove solutions including the enhanced range of PRO.TECT HD and HD+ silicone-free, chemical resistant gloves for workers in the automotive sector including mechanics and engineers.  

Also featured is the new environmentally friendly Unicare Flex Nitrile disposable nitrile glove, which uses 50% less packaging and significantly less raw materials during production for use in food handling and food preparation areas.  

With over 70 glove styles featured in the new brochure relevant across key industry sectors including cleaning and hygiene, food handling, manufacturing, and healthcare, the new brochure helps employers select the right glove for the job. 

Wider market leading solutions featured in the new brochure include Fortified – Europe’s first disposable nitrile antimicrobial glove for the food and healthcare industries and the 15-colour food safe Pearl nitrile glove range designed to help manage the risks of cross-contamination.

In addition to specific glove ranges the new brochure also focuses on a range of customer support materials including a universal wall mounted glove box holder, glove-sizing guide, vending pack and new glove sampling packs.

“The Unigloves name and reputation for quality is growing significantly across the UK and this is reflected in our new brochure, which, at 64 pages long, is twice the size of our previous one," Unigloves marketing director Donald Gillespie said. "Our commitment to creating innovative hand protection solutions has seen us develop one of the widest disposable gloves range available in the UK today backed up by dedicated customer service and support built on understanding the needs of our customers."

To download the brochure visit http://bit.ly/2uMwjs7, call 0800 049 6602, or email enquiries@unigloves.co.uk.