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ION Science fixed gas detectors support monitoring for whole area operations

16 June 2021

DEVELOPED BY ION Science to provide plant-wide safety, the Falco fenceline fixed gas detector offers continuous, fast and reliable detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Total Aromatic Compounds (TACs) including benzene.

Ensuring that every aspect of the working environment is safe for staff to operate in is critical for industries that work with potentially harmful materials. It’s important that any kind of detection device can be relied upon even in the most challenging of weather, exposure, and temperatures, without losing accuracy. ION Science developed the Falco fenceline fixed gas detector to meet these challenges – and exceed them.

The Falco fenceline fixed gas detector delivers accurate detection in challenging environments, such as high humidity or extreme weather conditions.

With ION Science’s innovative typhoon technology, the Falco fenceline fixed gas detector can be deployed with confidence in any environment, inside or out, able to withstand harsh weathers, such as wet conditions or extreme temperatures. The device is said to perform with unrivalled accuracy no matter what nature throws at it.

Typhoon technology prevents condensation forming on the sensor, which helps to stop short circuiting, making Falco ideal for harsh conditions or wet outdoor environments without the need for weather enclosures. Straightforward to maintain, the intrinsically safe externally mounted sensor housing is specifically designed for quick and easy servicing, without requirement for a hot work permit. The device includes a lamp with a minimum one year lifespan, so servicing is easy to schedule and offers reliability.

Designed specifically to ensure plant-wide safety and beyond, the device offers real-time monitoring and supports the ongoing protection of site workers in global petrochemical and oil and gas applications. The instrument’s detector has four detection ranges available; these include 0–10ppm, 0–50ppm, 0–1,000ppm and 0–3,000ppm. It also offers both pump and diffused models.

ATEX (Europe), QPS (North America) and IECEx (Rest of the World) certified as standard, the device can operate in a wide temperature range of -40 to 50°C 0-100 % RH and condensing humidity. Falco intuitively eliminates misleading and false readings to ensure the complete accuracy of data. Increasing the usability of the product is a high intensity LED array employing traffic light status warning display, which is clearly visible from over 20m in sunlight.

Enabled with both Modbus and 4-20mA output protocols the Falco offers site-wide networking capabilities, making it equally suitable for large refineries, smaller manufacturing plants or even waste water processing sites. With the ability to place Falco wherever it’s needed with confidence, the device assures end users that whether you’re monitoring VOCs in one area of the plant or want to cover a whole site, Falco can deliver the results you need.

ION Science delivers industrial safety detection equipment with high performing accuracy no matter what environment or industry it is used in. The company's OEM knowledge and 30 years' experience supporting hazardous industries means it understands first hand what devices need to do, and creates ones that do just that.

To find out more about the work behind ION Science and its range of detectors, please visit: https://ionscience.com/