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Thorworld progresses standard ramp solution

09 December 2020

FURTHERING ITS commitment to developing products that better meet customer requirements, Thorworld Industries has introduced a new, low-cost Type 11 Standard Ramp to its range.

Responding to user feedback, the Derbyshire-based manufacturer has designed and built its latest solution to meet an industry-wide need for ramps capable of supporting up to 7,000kg in weight, but using a lighter construction blueprint.

Featuring an innovative side rail – using an angled truss design - the new ramp has been designed to offer a lightweight yet rigid structure. It includes, as standard, a towing hitch that allows easy movement with just one operator and a forklift truck. An integrated entry section has also been included to further simplify the movement of the ramp.

These adaptions combine to help speed positioning for operatives and enable the equipment to be purchased at a more competitive price when compared to similar 7,000kg standard ramp designs.

“We’re delighted to be adding the Type 11 Standard Ramp to our comprehensive range,” says Ian Langan, Thorworld Industries’ Technical and Engineering Director. “Already, it’s proved to be a successful route to offering customers a lower cost fixed entry ramp of equal quality to heavier alternatives.

“By listening to customers and implementing their suggestions, we’ve been able to pass on the advantages of material advancement and innovative product design.

“Working in times of professional social distancing, we’ve been keen to provide customers with equipment designed for safe, singlehanded use, and as the surge in demand for ‘leaner’ working methods increases, we’ve adapted to offer a less expensive, but equally effective solutions.”

Presenting the same safety features as other full width loading ramps, including expanded metal flooring for traction, safety chains on both sides and hydraulic height adjustment, Thorworld’s design and manufacturing standards have not been compromised in the new Type 11 Ramp. Structurally stronger, but measuring the same overall length as Thorworld’s Type 10 Standard Ramp, the Type 11 features a “double” bend to provide extra space for side beams and allow for the addition of a side wall. Furthermore, with fewer moving parts, the solution requires reduced levels of maintenance.

For further information visit https://www.thorworld.co.uk/container-ramps/mobile-yardramps