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Video: Prolong the life of reusable half-masks

13 July 2020

Maintaining your PPE is important and you can prolong the lifespan of your products by following manufacturers cleaning instructions. It not only increases hygiene levels but reduces costs and is more sustainable. JSP has produced a video and poster to raise awareness for industrial workforces and to help improve product lifespan.

Cleaning the Force 8 Half-Mask with PressToCheck filters
✔ Use It ✔ Clean It ✔ Use it Again!

To maintain the Force8 with PressToCheck, you need to follow the steps outlined below and in the handy video.
1. Disassemble
First remove the filters attached to the Force8 Half-Mask. If these are blocked then discard and use a fresh pair following cleaning. The next step is to remove the exhalation cover allowing you to remove the mask’s harness and diaphragm.

2. Clean
Now you have disassembled the mask you can wash the main body, exhalation valve and diaphragm using soapy water. Once you are confident that all of these parts are clean then dry them off using a lint-free cloth.

3. Reassemble
Now all of the components have been cleaned you can reassemble the mask. Start by re- inserting the diaphragm, thread through the front of the mask and pull the diaphragm through until it is in place. Then place the harness over the front of the mask (make sure it is the correct way up), and finally lock it into place with the valve cover. Place the valve cover onto the front of the mask and twist to lock.

Re-insert your filters or attached a new set if required.

How to fit your filters
Watch the video 
POSTER: How to maintain your Force Half-Mask View and download the poster below. You can use this poster as a quick reference guide in the workplace to raise awareness about cleaning and maintaining the Force Half-Mask.
View & download the poster