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Award-winning head protection

24 June 2024

THE NEW award-winning ALTA offers all-round impact protection. The mountaineering-style helmet features a specialised shell structure and internal liner to increase durability and shock absorption performance, with an extended nape section for greater neck coverage.

The range comprises three models providing certified protection to a variety of standards. EVO ALTA Skyworker is certified to the EN 12492 mountaineering helmet standard. EVO ALTA Baseworker is certified to EN 397, for industrial safety helmets. EVO ALTA DualSwitch features JSP’s DualSwitch technology, fully certified to both EN 12492 and EN 397 with the ability to change between the two standards at the flick of a switch.

EVO ALTA helmets enable precise fitting. The 4-point chinstrap is easy to adjust on the head, making it simple to find a secure and comfortable fit. 3D-Adjustment allows the wearer to change the depth setting of the harness inside the shell. The ergonomically designed wheel ratchet is effortless to tighten with one hand.

The helmet’s innovative harness system eliminates pressure points for extreme comfort and features a replaceable Chamlon cotton sweatband. Dual ventilation to the shell and liner reduce temperatures for cooler wear in hot environments. EVO ALTA Baseworker is also available in a non-vented version to provide EN 397 440V electrical insulation.

Engineered to maximise compatibility and accessory integration, EVO ALTA is an adaptive system with built-in attachment points and an interchangeable front module. The integrated ID card holder option offers on-site identification, and the logo-ready standard front allows customers to apply company branding.

The helmet is designed to maximise compatibility with a wide range of bolt-on products. Attachment points enable firm fitting of helmet lamps, ear defenders, faceshields, goggle and lamp straps, and other accessories to create the ideal protective system.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, EVO ALTA provides all-round high performance head protection. Choose from the three variants to specify the right helmet for the best levels of protection for hazards encountered in today’s workplace.

For more information visit jspsafety.com.