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Companies saved by sprinklers

19 August 2019

WHEN A fire broke out on site, more than 400 staff were evacuated in less than three minutes from the Hull factory of offsite specialist Walker Modular.

Five fire engines were called to the scene after the alarm was raised at the bathroom pod manufacturer.

Company owner Shane Walker told the Enquirer: “I’m so proud of my staff and the fire service for dealing so well with a difficult situation.

“We liaised with the fire service when we designed the factory and all the fire suppression systems and alarms worked perfectly. All the staff evacuated the building within a couple of minutes and I’m very proud of how the incident was handled.”

Production now continues as normal at the factory which manufactures 500 pods a week.

Engineering works, Bradford

West Yorkshire FRS reported that a fire which originated in a refrigerator in a Bradford textile engineering works activated the sprinkler system which all but fully extinguished the fire. 

Due to the amount of wood, Acetylene cylinders, work, van, gas forklift etc. inside the building they believed it was possible the building could well have been lost if not for the sprinkler system.