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Workplace deaths in Birmingham are double

29 January 2019

WORKERS IN the city of Birmingham suffer twice as many fatal accidents at work compared to the rest of the country, according to research from payroll and HR expert Moorepay. Chances of suffering a fatal accident in the city were 0.84 per 100,000 workers, compared to a national average of just 0.4.

Birmingham’s figures are indicative of the region as a whole – the West Midlands is ranked second worst in the UK for employee injuries, with only the East Midlands faring worse. In the West Midlands employees are 14% more likely to be in a workplace accident, compared to an average of the rest of the UK. This represents an additional 1,142 people injured over the course of the year.

In the region, North Warwickshire and South Staffordshire saw the most accidents per 100,000 workers, with 851 (almost three times the national average) and 584 respectively. The safest area in the region was Worcester, with just 1.96 injuries per 100,000 workers – down 19% year on year.

“No city wants the reputation as the UK’s most dangerous place to work, but unfortunately the accusation can be levelled at Birmingham,” said Phil Barker, head of health and safety services at Moorepay. “While the city is making improvements, employers and employees must be made aware of the number of health and safety risks and workplace injuries.”

“Workplace health and safety must be of paramount importance to organisations. They have an obligation to provide a safe working environment and minimise risk. This starts by having a clear process in place, with regular risk assessments at the very least,” concluded Barker.

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