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WernerCo's training initiative for PASMA Tower Week

24 March 2020

TO CELEBRATE PASMA Tower Safety Week, taking place between 15–21 March, WernerCo has provided training for all customer facing staff at its Maldon facility to highlight safe working practice when using towers.

As part of this, staff have undergone PASMA accredited tower training, to ensure they are fully qualified and up to date with the latest guidance. The PASMA accredited Towers for Users course is designed for those who are responsible for specifying, assembling, dismantling, using, altering, moving and inspecting access towers. Taking place over one day, it provides both theoretical and practical training on tower legislation; PASMA codes of practice; hazards associated with using mobile access towers; and what should be avoided.

Additionally, all staff also completed the Ladder Association Ladder Training, which covers all key bases, including how to correctly erect, use, handle and store ladders, as well as highlighting potential hazards. 

Jamie Brassington, product manager at WernerCo, comments, “WernerCo as a company always promotes the need for safety when working at height and the importance of training, so we felt it was important to set a high standard for our employees and know the safest ways to use our products. 

“Not only was this an opportunity for all new employees to become familiar with the dangers of working at height and best practices, it also served as a beneficial refresher course for long-serving employees. By being fully aware of the risks when working at height, our employees are in a prime position to advise on the correct use of our products and highlight the importance of training to our customers.”

WernerCo is urging all access tower users to undertake the relevant training in an effort to reduce the number of accidents that happen each year that are caused by improper use of working at height equipment.