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Unigloves launches new biodegradable nitrile gloves

12 May 2022

UNIGLOVES HAS launched a new nitrile disposable glove – BioTouch – combining chemical resistance, comfort and grip with innovative, environmentally friendly, biodegradable technology.

The result is a glove ideally suited to a wide range of industrial applications which, after its working life, will achieve 90% biodegradation in landfill after just 490 days compared to traditional nitrile gloves which can take over 100 years.

Providing the wearer with high levels of comfort, flexibility and dexterity, BioTouch is also resistant to a range of chemicals and offers improved grip in wet and oily conditions thanks to its textured fingertips making it suitable for a range of industry sectors from food processing and healthcare through to electronics, engineering and manufacturing.

It is also compatible for use with mobile, tablet and touchscreen displays, has been tested to EN374 and EN1186 and is manufactured to medical grade standards.

Biodegradability performance is achieved thanks to an organic additive, which attracts microbes found in landfills. The biodegradation method is strictly enzymatic, dissolving and de-polymerising the polymer chain naturally.

This biodegrading efficacy has been verified by an independent lab, using ASTM D5526 and ASTM D5511 methods, which saw BioTouch achieve 90% biodegradation in 490 days.

Crucially, BioTouch balances biodegradable technology without impacting physical performance or real-time shelf life, with study results proving that the physical property of BioTouch gloves remain unchanged for up to 3 years.

They have also been proven safe for use against skin according to ISO standards, as well as with food handling according to European regulation (EU) No 10/2011, (EC) 1935/2004.

“BioTouch is a real breakthrough and a very welcome addition to our broad range of industrial hand protection solutions. With the global move to greater environmental awareness and understanding of the importance of minimizing the impact we have on our natural resources, we can now offer our customers a glove with exceptional biodegradable performance,” said Unigloves marketing director Donald Gillespie 

“Significantly it achieves this without impacting its ability to protect workers in a range of industrial settings where they will be coming into contact with materials and substances that can potentially harm the skin,” Donald added.

To find out more about the new BioTouch glove click hereemail enquiries@unigloves.co.uk or call Unigloves on 0800 049 6602.