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Ultimate protection and fully compatible

09 December 2020

COMPATIBILITY IN PPE is not only about products fitting correctly, but also working correctly when worn together. Some products that fit together are not necessarily compatible in terms of performance.

To ensure products are suitable for use in combination, it is best to buy all PPE from the same manufacturer, who have developed the products to work together. JSP PPE is designed to be compatible across the range, offering complete above-the-neck solutions.

The popular EVO VISTA helmet is fully compatible with other JSP PPE, such as the award-winning Force8 PressToCheck respirator and Sonis helmet mounted ear defender range. JSP’s Research and Development team were inspired by feedback received from users who regularly wear head and eye protection together. In addition to problems with compatibility, a common theme in the feedback was the amount of eyewear lost or damaged on site after being issued. 

EVO VISTA is an innovative, feature-rich helmet incorporating optical class 1 faceshield or overspectacle. The eyewear is fully integrated, allowing users to retract and deploy as needed, which helps to prevent traditional safety eyewear being lost or damaged, saving companies money, time, and worry, whilst also allowing prescription spectacles to be worn safely.

EVO VISTAlens functions like a spectacle, offering protection to EN166 2C-1.2 FT, and the EVO VISTAshield conforms to EN166 2C-1.2 with impact rating of grade AT. Both products feature optical class 1 lenses, anti-mist and anti-scratch coatings, plus protection against impact at extremes of temperature, and UV radiation.

The EVO VISTA helmet is designed to be fully compatible with the Force8 half mask and PressToCheck filters. The award-winning PressToCheck filters allow you to check your face fit by pressing the cartridge casing together to stop air from entering the filters and check the seal of the mask. This offers daily face fit reassurance, each time you put on your mask.

Additionally, Sonis helmet mounted ear defender range has been tested and certified in combination with the EVO®VISTA® helmet. The helmet shell plays a critical role in determining the levels of hearing protection offered. Using tested and certified compatible products ensures that hearing protection is offered at the correct level when worn with a safety helmet.

The EVO VISTA helmet is manufactured in the UK for immediate delivery with option to brand. When combined with the Force8 half mask you can rest assured you are getting the ultimate in head, eye, and respiratory protection with complete compatibility, plus the option to add Sonis ear defenders for a 4-in-1 solution.