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Stertil Koni mobile column supports new workshop

24 February 2021

SPECIALIST FLEET Services (SFS) specified a set of Stertil Koni mobile column lifts to support its new workshop following the award of a maintenance contract by Boston Borough Council.

Located at Fen Road Business Park in Boston, the new workshop was an empty shell when SFS acquired the site in December 2020. However, in just four weeks, the premises have been transformed into a fully equipped and functioning workshop complete with offices, kitchen and washroom facilities. The building has also been re-wired and fitted with a compressed air system and LED energy efficient lighting.

Established in 1992, SFS has a successful track record in delivering fleet and workshop management solutions to local authorities and the private sector utilising a network of workshops across the UK. The company has many years of experience using Stertil Koni vehicle lifting equipment to support workshop activities on behalf of other local authorities, including Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council and Runnymede District Council. At Boston, the team of workshop technicians relies upon the set of six ST1075FSA mobile column lifts to simplify a wide range of servicing, repair and maintenance activities.

Each lift in the set provides a safe lifting capacity of 7.5 tonnes so, when used as a set of four, the combined capacity of the Stertil Koni lifts is 30 tonnes. However, when lifting tri-axle vehicles, the full set of six lifts is used which increases the total capacity to an impressive 45 tonnes.

Importantly, each column features Stertil Koni’s revolutionary ebright Smart Control System which allows workshop technicians to operate the columns individually, in pairs or in any other grouping from any column in the set. Positioning of the columns is also flexible, enabling them to be used in any configuration around a vehicle. The ST1075FSA provides a maximum lifting height of 1.85 metres which is reached in just 75 seconds thereby making it one of the fastest commercial vehicle lifts available. 

Incorporating full-colour touch screen consoles, the ebright Smart Control System has been designed and developed to simplify operation by providing maximum visual information about every lifting operation - all at the fingertips of the workshop technicians. For added safety and performance, the ebright Smart Control System also shows how many columns in the set are being used. 

All columns incorporate Stertil’s maintenance-free, synthetic runner wheel system, which is self-lubricating, and the system is covered by a lifetime guarantee. An integral advanced hydraulic lifting system incorporates a microprocessor-controlled synchronisation feature to ensure safe, smooth and precise movement at all times. Safety is further enhanced by an independent mechanical locking system, incorporated into each column, which allows technicians to securely lock the lift to prevent a vehicle from being inadvertently lowered.

The new SFS workshop at Boston operates a daily shift every week day from 5.30am until 4.30pm which is increased to include weekend working during busy periods. A broad range of vehicles passes through the workshop including Dennis Eagle Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs), box bodies, tippers and gritters ranging in weight from 7.5 tonnes to 26 tonnes.

Previous experience of working with Stertil Koni vehicle lifts was a crucial factor for SFS when sourcing equipment for the new workshop. “We use the same lifts from Stertil Koni at other locations,” says Darren Wade, Technical Specialist at SFS. “Feedback from our workshop technicians has always been very positive and the general upkeep and maintenance costs are reasonable compared with similar products. Importantly, the mobile lifts offer better flexibility than fixed lifts or pits, and they enable us to optimise workshop space each day depending on the workload and vehicle types.”  

For more information, visit www.stertilkoni.co.uk