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Showcasing safe solutions

24 April 2024

BODYTRAK SAYS it is revolutionising worker safety in hazardous environments with the world's first intrinsically safe in-ear physiological monitoring solution, Bodytrak 1 IS.

The company is proud to be returning to The Health & Safety Event 2024, 30 April - 2 May at the NEC Birmingham, stand 4/M14, to showcase its revolutionary smart safety solution. The event will provide a platform for Bodytrak to demonstrate its latest advancements, and to highlight the significant progress the company has made over the past 12 months.

In 2023, Bodytrak was awarded the winner of the Connected Devices category at the Industrial Hygiene Awards, the Occupational Health & Safety New Product of the Year Award for the Wearables Category and the Industrial Safety Solution of the Year Award. Last October, the team achieved remarkable milestones by launching their second solution, Bodytrak 1 IS, making it the first and only in-ear physiological monitoring solution that is intrinsically safe. This ensures workers in dangerous environments, from chemical and petrochemical plants to utilities and oil and gas, can now benefit from the safety critical services of Bodytrak. 

Workers in these sectors are often required to wear heavy personal protective equipment (PPE) or hazmat suits to protect against contact with toxic materials. While this type of PPE is generally impermeable for safety reasons, there is little to no cooling through the evaporation of sweat. This exposes workers to additional risks like heat stress and fatigue-induced incidents, dehydration, hyperthermia, and compromised decision-making. 

Bodytrak 1 IS is designed to work comfortably alongside existing PPE and other safety equipment. For the first time, state-of-the-art sensors have been integrated into Bodytrak with intrinsic safety compliance (ATEX/IECEx) to provide real-time physiological and risk markers for employees operating in hazardous industries. By accurately and continuously monitoring factors like heart rate and core body temperature, Bodytrak detects risks of heat stress and fatigue early, alerting both users and supervisors. Whenever an alert is generated, Bodytrak can instantly identify where the user is located, allowing rapid assistance to be deployed. Similarly, the SOS alert is a simple user-activated alarm that is triggered on the dashboard and via SMS and email when urgent support is required. 

The Bodytrak solution also provides hearing protection when required (via Hear:Safe earbuds) and noise dosimetry. Noise dosimetry is used to prevent noise-induced hearing loss by measuring accumulated noise exposure at the ear to alert for excessive noise. Through a single comprehensive solution organisations can cover various workplace risks in one convenient, intuitive, cost-effective solution, rather than multiple systems.

Attendees of this year’s show will be able to receive a live demonstration of the real-time physiological monitoring solution and speak to our team about how Bodytrak can enhance their organisations’ existing safety practices. Attendees can also join Steve Jones, Head of Sales and Partnerships, on 2 May at 13:15 at the Lone Worker Safety Live Theatre where he will be discussing effective communication strategies to help organisations achieve buy-in from end-users of new safety technologies.

“We are pleased to be back at the Health & Safety Event and invite visitors to join us on stand 4/M14 to discover how more industries will be able to benefit from our cutting-edge technology purpose-built to withstand the harshest conditions. By capturing real-time actionable data, we are dedicated to reducing workplace incidents and fatalities around the world,” says Steve Jones, Head of Sales & Partnerships at Bodytrak.

For more on Bodytrak, visit stand 4/M14 at the Health & Safety Event, visit bodytrak.co or follow @Bodytrak on LinkedIn.