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Safe space to share health and safety professionals’ knowledge

01 November 2023

RS HAS set up a new group where health and safety professionals in the UK and Ireland can have open and honest conversations among themselves . . .

A new, free LinkedIn group has been set up by RS UK and Ireland to encourage health and safety professionals to share knowledge, ask questions, receive support and discuss industry issues.

The Health and Safety Professionals in the UK and Ireland is a private LinkedIn community group. People in the industry can request to join, as long as their role includes responsibility for health and safety.

Ryan Plummer, senior director of RS Safety Solutions, said: “We know from the Under the Surface of Health and Safety 2023 report, respondents said they felt under-supported in the area of genuine community and peer support.

“We wanted to create community in what we know can feel like quite a siloed profession, so we hope this is a place that fulfils that need. It’s not a place for anyone to try to sell their services or recruit others.”

A recent LinkedIn Live RS hosted featured RS’s vice president of environment, health and safety, John Barnacle-Bowd, managing director of Risk Fluent, James MacPherson, health and safety business partner at WSP in the UK, Bethany Holroyd, and executive director of environmental health at The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Louise Hosking. The panel discussion, which focused on the key challenges within the industry, will be made available exclusively in full within the new Health and Safety Professionals group. And there will be more events like that for members’ benefit, where RS brings in experts to talk about industry changes and issue best practice on relevant topics.

“The name of the game is really to give people high value content and access to sound advice,” added Plummer. “It’s all part of the RS vision and this group is not affiliated with any one particular industry body. We welcome members from all industries.”