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Experts for life

15 May 2023

THE IMPORTANCE of PPE site surveys should not be underestimated as they can save companies – big or small – time and money.

When you’re running a factory or business and are up against constant productivity and supply chain deadlines, the last thing you may want is someone coming in from outside your company to have a look round.

Unsurprisingly, there is a certain amount of reluctance associated with site surveys offered by solutions-focused businesses . . . so the message is ignore them, but bear in mind they could save you money and time in the long run.

“We do come up against a bit of customer reticence when we suggest a site survey because they think having somebody going in is a pure sales pitch,” said Rob Russell, director at RS Safety Solutions. “However, our people are specialists in PPE and can walk into a site, stand back and immediately spot technologies that are 20 years out of date, issues like trips and falls which could cost a company a lot of time and money, and solutions for things like paper being used.

“Our expertise can produce recommendations that, firstly, save the customer money, secondly, bring them up to speed with certain technologies, and, thirdly, protect them against potential litigation and fulfil their health and safety objectives.”

RS Safety Solutions is not only a distributor of PPE products but it also – as its name implies – provides solutions for companies, whatever their size. 

“Someone may be using latex gloves in a setting where they shouldn’t be used and we can advise the best solution,” Russell added. “Or employees may be wearing ear defenders which don’t allow them to hear anything including that forklift truck about to run them over.”

It’s the little, everyday things which can make a huge difference, particularly when cost cutting needs to happen in these ‘perma-crisis’ times.

“Someone could be using three-ply paper which is the Rolls-Royce of its type to wipe down their hands or the machinery lines in their sandwich factory, whereas they could achieve the same results with a Fiesta-type solution,” explained Russell. “Or if you have a need for prescription eyewear for members of staff and allow us to do a site survey, as health and safety experts we would be able to recommend the right solution.”

Even something as necessary as refuse bags are not out of scope when it comes to cost saving and can also help companies achieve their net zero goals. 

“Many businesses are still using heavy refuse bags in their sites because they think they serve the best purpose because of their thickness. There are now poly bags which are recyclable and stand up to the same pressure needed from them as heavier ones, while ticking those green boxes in the process.”

When employees are working in factories or on site, whether in the food and drink sector or car manufacturing, hospital wards or warehouses, they have to be on their feet for long periods of time. And floors are one of the biggest potential areas for slips and trips.

“We look to see whether the correct matting is in place under machines in food and drink premises,” explained Russell. “If it isn’t, we can advise what sort should be there and put the company in touch with the manufacturer of the correct matting.

“Footwear too is crucial and we see lots of instances where people are still wearing old style wellies, which weigh a tonne and don’t conform to necessary safety standards. This means that if someone falls in them, they can sue the company. The welly may only cost a tenner to buy, but it can end up being a lot more than that in compensation. 

“We can recommend PU wellies which have a British Registered Safety Council (BRSC) rating of five on the sole. Yes, they may cost twice as much as the old wellies, but they are not as heavy for the wearer resulting in less aches and pains in their bodies – so ultimately a reduction in sick time. You are also covered if there is an injury because you have provided the right footwear.”

Russell is a passionate advocate of site surveys: “They’re everything to me and I’m a huge believer in them.

“It can be a mutually beneficial thing. We believe we have the expertise to save our customers money at the same time as giving them recommendations of different ways of working to achieve efficiencies. It’s a free service we already offer.”

What kind of financial savings can be made by having RS Safety Solutions give your business a site survey?

According to Russell, it could be in the region of 10 per cent.

“We are all about unearthing better opportunities for customers and obviously the biggest dint is made with the biggest spenders like multi-site organisations. Yet, if you are a smaller business turning over around £50,000, you can still save a percentage of around £5,000 in the long run.”

Offering a helicopter view of a free site survey means opening your doors to opportunities to save time, money and potential litigation. What’s holding you back?

For more information, visit www.uk.rs-online.com