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Reduce vehicle-pedestrian worker accidents

10 June 2024

MITIGATING RISK, reducing the chance of workplace accidents, and keeping your workforce safe are critical elements to any business.

When moving vehicles and pedestrians work in close proximity, segregating them eliminates the danger of collisions. However, this isn't always possible, and each worksite's layout is different, so keeping your workforce safe can be challenging.

Blind corners, vehicle blind spots, concealed entrances, obstructions, poor visibility, and unexpected behaviours all increase the risk of accidents and collisions between vehicles and staff. Alerting the vehicle driver to a pedestrian worker's location and vice versa significantly reduces the risk of vehicle-pedestrian worker accidents.

ZoneSafe proximity warning and alert safety technology stands out with its unique features. It creates a detection zone around vehicles, detecting any dangers near them (even when they can't be seen) and helps avoid collisions using clever ZoneSafe system warning and vibration alerts.

All proximity warning solutions are manufactured in the UK and supported by a dedicated service team. Over twenty years' experience in proximity warning systems along with a customer-centric approach, enables us to offer tailored solutions that align with customer requirements to mitigate risk and reduce the chance of workplace accidents when moving vehicles and pedestrians work in close proximity. 

Our standard proximity warning and alert safety solutions include:

  • ZoneSafe Vehicle-to-Person Alert - A highly effective pedestrian detection warning system that fits any type of vehicle. Both drivers and pedestrians are warned of each other's presence through a range of warnings and vibration alerts, respectively. With a 360-degree detection range of up to ten metres around the vehicle, each system significantly reduces the risk of vehicle-pedestrian worker accidents.
  • ZoneSafe Vehicle-to-Vehicle Alert - Essential vehicle detection warning with both close proximity and long-range vehicle detection warning up to 100m away.
  • ZoneSafe Sensor Activated Warning Signs - Warn everyone in the area to all approaching vehicles through flashing lights, floor projections and beacons. Lights and projections only flash/warn when vehicles are detected up to 50m away, eliminating sign blindness and over-warning.

For more information, visit www.zonesafe.com