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New workplace wearable offers multiple health risk protection

07 December 2022

REACTEC HAS over 20 years’ experience helping employers prevent hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) utilising an eco-system of workplace wearables and cloud-based analytics.

Building upon its HAVS prevention expertise, Reactec developed R-Link, a new generation of smart watch designed to provide data driven insight into a range of workplace health risks.

R-Link has been designed to specifically withstand the rigours of construction sites, and heavy industry, while providing the wearer with an intuitive user experience, similar to their own smartphone.

With over 100,000 workers protected from over exposure to HAV using Reactec's first and second generation wearable, the company wanted to expand the utility of R-Link to protect employees from more workplace health risks on a single smart watch. 

In addition to HAV monitoring, we’ve developed R-Link with the latest ultrawide band (UWB) technology to detect dangerous proximity. R-Link alerts the wearer when they are too close to hazardous equipment and vehicles in real-time, while the data collected on near-misses, enables employers to identify hotspots and refine controls.

Reactec is dedicated towards advancing connected wearable technology with real-time data analytics to transform workplace risk mitigation into prevention.

A powerful eco-system of beacons and gateways allows data to be shared securely between R-Link and its cloud-based analytical software, Reactec Analytics, which empowers employees to make evidence-based decisions that protect their workforce. 

The third-generation wearable will release remote firmware upgrades to offer the wearer even more protection from workplace health risks in the near future, including an ability to ingest risk data from other IoT enabled sensors such as noise and dust. Geo-fenced exclusion zones and two-way communication for evacuation and mustering will connect employees with their workers in a more meaningful way than ever before. Regular check-in/check-out functionality will monitor the activity of isolated workers, while fall detection technology and panic mode, will raise the alarm to support lone workers. 

For more information about how Reactec's third-generation wearable, R-Link, can protect your workforce visit, www.reactec.com/products/r-link/