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Protect staff with StaySafe

20 October 2020

NORTH COUNTY Prenatal/Perinatal Council, Inc, a non-profit agency based in Northern New York State, has partnered with StaySafe to protect staff that could be at risk when conducting visits to families.

Employees conduct 3-5 visits to different families each day, with potential for altercations, accidents on the road or environmental risks. StaySafe is an innovative lone working solution which protects staff 24/7, wherever they are.

North County Prenatal/Perinatal Council supports families with young children through health insurance, education, community collaboration, linkages to service providers and more. Staff spend their day working between the office and conducting visits to family homes. The company first started looking into lone worker solutions after realising the risk their staff could be exposed to whilst conducting visits. Workers often visit new families in areas they’ve never been to before and may not have much information about the environment they’re going into. Managers realised that if an altercation were to happen, they may not be made aware in time. Winters in the Northern New York State area can bring severe weather and with staff spending so much time travelling, managers wanted to be certain that if an accident happened, staff would be able to get help as quickly as possible. 

StaySafe is the first lone working solution that the company has implemented. Employees can now use the app to check-in with managers and let them know they are safe throughout their working day. StaySafe allows employees to start a timed session within the app before beginning a period of lone work or travel, if an employee fails to end their session safely, a session expiry alert will be sent to the monitor. 

For staff who work in the community and have to conduct home visits, there is always risk when going into unpredictable environments as people can be a threat. StaySafe’s panic feature allows staff to send an alert when they feel threatened and assistance can then be sent to their exact location. A panic alert can also be triggered discreetly using the phone's power button, allowing an alert to be raised from the user's pocket or handbag without the assailant knowing. If an employee has not moved for a prolonged period of time, the app will send a man down alert to a monitor and they can then ensure the staff member is safe. Since the implementation, employees feel much safer when out in the field . 

Joe Paté, program director for healthy families Jefferson County at the North Country Prenatal/Perinatal Council comments, “We’ve been using the StaySafe app for just over 3 years now and we’re happy with how well it’s integrated into the company. The app is simple to use for both staff and managers and it doesn’t require our team to carry any additional devices. We are confident that if an incident does occur, the StaySafe app will help ensure our staff are kept safe”. 

Don Cameron, CEO at StaySafe comments, “The StaySafe’s app check-in feature is great for employees who work out in the community, as check-in intervals can be tailored to help accommodate unpredictable working schedules”.