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Research from StaySafe highlights concerns

07 March 2022

LAST YEAR, StaySafe surveyed over 1,300 lone workers and health and safety managers in the The Lone Worker Landscape Report 2021.

This research uncovered for the first time the disparities between the opinions of employers and their lone workers. Through greater understanding, StaySafe intends to improve the levels of protection given to lone workers.

StaySafe research found that 36% of lone workers have expressed their safety concerns to their employer. However, companies seem unaware that lone workers are failing to report these concerns, with 92% believing that their lone workers are speaking to them regularly about any incidents and concerns.

Don Cameron, CEO of StaySafe, comments, “Under-reporting can lead to employers under-estimating the real level of risk faced by staff on a daily basis. It also leads to a failure to put in the necessary protective measures to prevent accidents or incidents.”

StaySafe boosts awareness of incidents with its safety features

The StaySafe lone worker app and cloud based monitoring hub is used by hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of users worldwide who testify to its ease of use, reliability and flexibility. StaySafe also provides wearable technology through the V.BTTN and satellite devices for remote employees in areas of no signal. The app includes safety features such as a panic button, fall detection and man down alerts.

“StaySafe utilises the best mobile technology to ensure lone workers can signal for help in any situation. Whether they suffer a fall and are unable to make a call, are confronted by a member of the public, or work in areas of low signal, StaySafe has a solution,” adds Cameron.

How does it work?

Lone workers activate the app before they begin working. If they miss a welfare check-in, their session expires, or they trigger an alarm, a notification will be sent to the StaySafe hub.  

The StaySafe app provides employers with real-time updates on the safety status of their lone workers. In an emergency, employers can accurately locate their lone workers on a map and send immediate assistance to them.

The easy-to-use solution offers a wide range of functionality within both the app and online portal. The StaySafe app provides full protection for lone workers and employers to reduce time and costs associated with manual check-in systems.

Flexible, customisable, and easy-to-use, the StaySafe app is suitable for use across any industry or business size. Ensure you meet your duty of care to lone workers with the StaySafe app.

For more information, visit www.staysafeapp.com