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Power of positive thinking

09 October 2018

THE IMPORTANCE of enjoying your job is fundamental and could help prevent an accident, Jason Anker MBE told delegates of Health and Safety North.

After falling 10ft from a ladder, which would leave him in a wheelchair for life, Anker spoke about how he bounced back from the depths of despair to where he is today, although it took him 20 years. Following struggles since his accident with alcohol and drugs, he is an inspirational speaker, and has used is struggles as his impetus for success.

At the time of his fall, he was desperately unhappy at work and things at home were difficult. He seemed to lose everything, but has come to a very positive mindset, and now looks at the things he can do, rather than the things he can't.

Anker said, “If you believe that someone at work is not OK, take five seconds to see how they really are.”

This five seconds could prevent an accident.

He adds, “Don't hide your cracks. Be proud of them, as we all have cracks, and sometimes they can make things better.”

Clearly, being able to talk about his accident and his troubles, has given him the ability to accept them.

One thing that really helped him, he says, “I was told that 'by sharing your story you can help other people. By sharing your story you can help yourself'. And they was right”

Anker has a book coming out late this year Paralysis of Success.